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Compliance & Tax Review

Compliance & Tax Review

Compliance and Tax Records are one of the main responsibilities for an Organization to maintain for after reviews. An organization may or may not have the qualified staff which can monitor the same. A tax review or audit is kind of an examination done to the affairs of the owner to see what the person is required to do under the tax law, including whether he:

  • Has declared all the income he receives to the government
  • Is entitled to the rebates and deductions in tax which he is looking forward on his tax return
  • Has met all the mandatory regulatory obligations and rules for compliance and tax reviews

The reviews and audit that our company conducts vary in their complexity. Sometimes the review only involve a phone call or letter asking for information regarding the tax claims but in some cases it is required that a tax officer of our company visits you and collect all records for the audit. There are many taxes which need to be paid high attention for better growth, development and our company is fully sufficient to provide answers to every raised question of our clients regarding the following taxes:

  • Income tax
  • Service tax and value added tax (vat)
  • Profession tax
  • Central excise duty

Many companies faces the difficult task of bringing together a team of experts and to coordinate their services in return making it expensive and hectic while not guaranteeing the optimum solution to compliance risk. Therefore our organization S R Corporate is working with a qualified and trained expert team that helps an Organization to review their compliance status and manage the same effectively. Our service includes the following:

  • Our professional team monitors monthly, quarterly and yearly check on the Compliance requirements for better performance.
  • We also check and maintain the accuracy of large fund reporting ensuring that the reports meet their obligations along with the tax return to administer the excess of contribution tax.
  • We will provide you with our long term working experience and better solutions for compliance and tax reviews.
  • Our company reviews and monitors continuously the various requirement of the tax with day-to-day accounting process and reporting of the same.

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