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Financial & Tax Due Diligence

Financial & Tax Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the investigation which is done on a business or person who is prior to signing a contract or an act with standard of care. In industries it is kind of a process through which a potential acquirer evaluates the assets of a targeting company for acquisition. It can also be defined as an investigation of a business or person who is looking forward for signing a contract with a certain standard of care.

Financial and tax due diligence transforms depending on its purpose:

  • It can be a reasonable investigation that is focused on future material matters.
  • It can also be an investigation which is done on current practices of process and policies.
  • Sometimes it is an examination that is done to make an acquisition decision through the help of value analysis

Our professional are having significant both side experience in buying and selling transactions across all variegated industries that allows our team to use tailored approach in identifying and understanding potential deal breakers and other areas of interest of our customers. Our company assists financial and corporate investors in assessing investment opportunities and to provide professional advisory service for better support.

Our Financial Tax Due Diligence Service includes:

  • Reviewing and evaluation of executive compensation matter.
  • Our service helps in modeling transaction scenario.
  • Evaluation of potential acquisition structures etc.
  • Deep analysis of cash flow in the organization
  • We conduct comprehensive discussion sessions with the management and their advisors
  • We also perform buying side and selling side due diligence

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