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Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit is an independent consulting activity that is performed to add value and to improve an organization's operations. It helps the organization to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic and disciplined change in approach to evaluate as well as to improve the control through the risk management.

Internal auditors are not responsible for the execution of company's activity whereas they act as a management advisory regarding how to better execute their responsibilities. Globalization and advancement in technology have many downsides irrespective of its upsides which have led to the downfall in efficiency of working operations of an organization. Internal audit is meant to add on more value to an organization and to fall behind the other management functioning risks.

Types of internal audit conducted by our team are as follows:

  • Fixed asset verification: sometimes management does not have a regular check on the fixed assets owned by them, so fixed asset verification is done to map the physical record with the book record.
  • Stock audit: this helps the organization to know the status of book stock and the physical stock.
  • Compliance audit: it is done to detect any areas in which the organization has not been complied with.
  • Process audit: it involves the areas such as finance function, production process and procurement process etc
  • Reconciliation process: it is done to avoid the issues of not reconciled balances in various parts of their accounting function

Our trained professional's holds the depth knowledge of complex interface between private and public sources of financial services for better working. To overcome the bad business performance our company has designed our internal auditing service for our valued customers that helps our clients in following ways:

  • Gives you the complete insight and foresight of the business as a whole for better working
  • Multidisciplinary professional's team who are experienced in financial and operational internal auditing, is deployed to achieve smooth functioning with better tailored approach
  • Our company is always engaged in rationalizing monitoring functions and governance practices.
  • Setting up complete accounting systems etc

Service Details :

Minimum Order Quantity1 Each
Project Duration30 Days
Type of Service Provider PreferredCompany
Start Date / MonthNA
Work LocationMumbai Delhi
Business / Industry TypeAll
Type of Service ProviderConsulting Firm
Type of Service ContractRetainer Based

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